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The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss. And we have been fighting for this for over four decades. With products we have developed ourselves and our own cable manufacturing unit in which most cables from our Reference and Excellence quality levels are manufactured. Perfect performance instead of unnecessary losses. Physics instead of voodoo – that is our credo.

High-Standard Product Manufacturing - Every product is built with heart from customer’s point of view.

  • We focus on existing problems of other brands so as to design items which you can purchase with confidence and use with no worries. 

  • Pursuing perfect products to make your life easier, before batch production, everyone in SupCable Product Team act as a customer to test the product in various devices, models and environments. They analyze any possibility to make it better than the market standard. The products will be upgraded at least three times like this. 

  • For the quality control during production, we guarantee that each product will go through at least two full inspections and two sampling inspections before being sent to Amazon warehouse. 

Excellent Customer Service - We are here to guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. Simply contact us via support@supcable.com and leave the others to us. Friendly and satisfactory response is available within 24 hours. 

Trustworthy Lifetime Warranty - All SupCable products are backed by our lifetime warranty with all costs covered during your lifetime replacement process. No matter when your product goes wrong, we’ll take full responsibility for it.